"How To Get More Sign-Ups Without  Messaging, Texting or Talking To People About Your Business..."


To make money in Network Marketing, you need to do 3 things...

  • Sell products & services

    All businesses must sell products and services and perform services in order to make money.

  • Bring in more reps who sell products & services

    Unique to network marketing, we also need to recruit other reps who also sell products & services.

  • Teach/help the reps you bring in more reps who sell products and services.

    We must also teach/help the reps we bring in to bring in other reps.

However, There's 4 Huge Problems Standing In Your Way

  • LOW COMMISSIONS: How many sales do you need to make every week/month to make a decent part-time income? If you bring in $1,000 worth of product sales, you should make close to $1,000 in commissions.

  • YOU CAN'T MASS ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS: It's against company policy, google & social media doesn't allow it, and you probably don't even know how to start advertising online anyways.

  • YOU DON'T KNOW ENOUGH PEOPLE TO TALK TO: The people you talked to didn't join, so now you don't know what to do.

  • YOU'RE SCARED TO EVEN TALK TO A LOT OF THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW OR APPROACH PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW: You've lost your confidence because of how people reacted when you approached them, so now you don't even want to approach people about it anymore because it's not working.

The ONLY Thing That Can Save You From Completely Failing Is If You

Expand Your List Of Potential Customers or Recruits

There’s a big difference between just someone you know, and someone who said they’re interested in your products or opportunity.


People you just know are just that... it’s just people you know, just names on a paper. It doesn’t mean they’re interested.


But people who already told you they’re interested, those are called qualified leads - people who raised their hand and said ‘Yes, im interested in what you have. Tell me more’. 

See A Live Demo Of The SBB System

Learn about the companies we work with, how the commissions work and peak inside the system and see first hand how we work to get you paid...

We Help You Expand Your List Of Prospects By Advertising For You

  • We run online ads for you and your team promoting the system.

  • People who click through to our page are assigned to whatever member is next in line.

  • When a prospect becomes a member, the assigned member receives the commissions & the prospect is added to their team.

    Why We Promote The System Upfront

    REASON #1

    It's Easier To Target Existing Network Marketers

    About 85% of the people who are NOT already in network marketing are not going to join, either because they think it’s a pyramid scheme or a scam, or because this just isn’t the type of business they want to do.

    • Why would McDonald's try to convince a vegetarian to start eating burgers just so they can sell them a burger when they can just target people who already eat burgers?

    • Why would NIKE try to convince someone who doesn’t play sports to start playing sports just so they can sell them some gear when they can just target people who already play sports?

    • What most networkers do is they try and convince people who are NOT in network marketing that they should start a network marketing business. But 85% will NOT want to get involved.

    REASON #2

    Selling People On The 'WAY' You Operate Your Business Is 10x More Effective Than Company, Products, Pay Plan

    Showing people HOW you do business answers the question "What do I have to do to make money in this business?"

    • Everyone talks company, products, pay plan. If you do the same thing, you're no different than everyone else. Why would they join you?

    • If you're telling people to "make a list and invite them", then again, you're doing what most other network marketers do. Why would they join you?

    • If you show your prospects you have a web design and digital marketing company running ads for you and that if they join your team, they'll run ads for them as well - NOW that's a truly unique offer!

    REASON #3

    Easier To Duplicate

    In network marketing, the LESS you have to do to build your business, the faster you’ll duplicate and the faster your business will grow.

    • The problem with the traditional way of building, talking to people you know, is that just because someone is duplicating the effort DOESN’T mean they’ll be able to duplicate the results.

    • Since the Simple Business Builder system handles all the marketing for you, it’s easy to duplicate. It’s as simple as them joining the system. They don’t need to learn any special techniques or new skills, no training sessions, no extra time-wasters...

    REASON #4

    We Built More Commissions Into The System

    You don’t have to front load someone with $500 worth of products anymore just to get more commissions.

    • We’ve built into our system the ability to make $150 in commissions for a service that only costs $20 a month.

    • Add on the network marketing commissions, and that’s about $175 to $200 in commissions for 1 enrollment.

    You need to do something differently than what the herd is doing...

    Something the people who are failing are NOT doing...

    The vast majority of people in network marketing are failing, doing the whole "make a list and invite 'em method"And the one thing the people who are struggling in this business are NOT doing is advertising.


    The Simple Business Builder system is going to handle that part for you - 100%.

    Shaun Walton

    Creator, Simple Business Builder

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